People often ask me when my current manuscript will be ready to submit to the editor and agents who have requested it. This, in (large) part, is my answer:


(To answer the initial question: my manuscript is very close to being submission ready!)

While I know how fatal the “re-editing/over-editing” continuum is (it’s a rut that we’ve all  been caught in at some point, likely on multiple occasions), there’s no harm in striving for a certain standard of perfection when it comes to writing a book. I use the word “perfection” objectively, of course, because what might be A-Okay for some won’t be the same for others. For me, I want to submit that manuscript and know that whatever the outcome, I did my very best to create a masterpiece. 

For me, this involves heavy doses of: Research, Character Balancing, Story Structure Analysis, Collaboration with Alpha and Beta Readers, Intensive Character Studies and Interviews, Multiple Editing Passes, and MORE. It is insanely hard work to birth a book, so why not make sure you’ve done your best?

Shake that: “Eh, that’s good enough!” mindset and remember:

Check back soon for a follow-up post about the beauty of rejection…Yup, beauty coupled with rejection – you read that right!

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