I’m growing quite adept at writing amongst chaos. Although penning notes or scanning revisions  while balancing household demands is far from my ideal writing setup, it works when I need it to! However, some things really halt the writing flow. Whether surrounded by boisterous children or writing during the precious quiet of nap time, there are certain interruptions that I just can’t make a quick recovery from.

*I will insert a tone of humor here, just so we’re all clear that this is a light-hearted post!*

Ryder’s Top 5 Most Annoying Types of Writing Interruptions: 

5.  The phone rings.  I’ve talked about my introversion before – I often still get anxiety when I have to answer a call, or even a text, although you’d probably never guess it!  I’ve also mentioned what I do with my phone when I have scheduled writing time. The little devil of a device stays silenced but near me while I write, especially if it’s during the day (aka: nap time, during preschool hours). This is for obvious reasons, the main one being that I like to keep myself available for anything urgent. However, there are those times when I forget to silence the phone or when I notice something come through and I feel anxious for not answering it. My introversion sets in: Just answer it now, that way you won’t have to get on the phone later. It’s the doctor’s office…they’re probably calling to confirm an appointment but what if it’s something else? Gah! Now I have to worry about calling them back later, too. It’s silly, really. But it does interrupt my writing flow.  

4.  Potty Time. This goes for me OR for a child. If the kids are around while I’m writing, I try to make sure everyone (including myself) is fed, watered, bathroom-ed, freshly diapered, etc before I sit down in front of the computer. But life is life. When you gotta go, you gotta go, and the writing must halt.

3.   “I forgot to load up the Crock Pot!” Those random instances when I’m pouring the words onto the keyboard and I suddenly remember that I forgot to get the chicken going in the Crock Pot: If you don’t stop writing and start the darn thing NOW, dinner won’t be ready in time! Again, another silly one, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets annoyed when they have to stop in a  middle of a scene to go prep dinner. I’m not lazy, I’m just human…and I’m a writer. 

2.   “Speedy Delivery!” Ugh, the FedEx/UPS/Amazon courier. This is most problematic during nap time because those delivery peeps can’t knock quietly. They have to bang the door down, which sets the dogs off barking, which wakes the little one up, which heralds in the death of a quiet writing session. 

1.  Dog farts. The big daddy of all interruptions. This one, in all seriousness, actually gets under my skin. My nose is not very forgiving, and my brain is even worse. I have two, adorable Boston terriers that like to snuggle up next to me while I write. They snore, they stretch, they burrow into my legs. It’s fine, really. Buuuuut, if one of them lets loose, heaven have mercy. There’s only so much toxic gas that a nose can take. Sorry dogs, you are banished to a different part of the house until I am finished.


And there you have it. My not-so-uncommon list of annoying, writing interruptions. The best part is, this list is bound to change as time goes on. It’ll be amusing to keep it updated – to look back on my progression as a mother and as a writer and to have a good laugh.


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