• 9 months of drafting
  • 9 Months of heavy revision
  • 1 Literary Agent
  • 1 Baby
  • 1 re-write
  • Countless babysitters
  • And 18 long months of querying…

I’m finally going to be a published author! What a journey this has been. If someone had told me how hard it was to not only write a book, but to find good representation and to get traditionally published, I would’ve walked away from this biz – far away – long ago. But I didn’t and I’m here to say that hard work and perseverance really, truly do pay off! There are SO MANY people that helped me get to this point and I feel some thank-yous are in order… Thank you to my awesome literary agent, Stephanie Hansen of Metamorphosis Literary Agency , for believing in and fighting for my story. Thank you to the Calliope Writing Coach, for scooping me out of the dirt, brushing me off, showing me I’m worth it, and teaching me everything I know. Thank you to my sweet family, for all of your support and patience as I found my way and reached for the stars. Thank you to my writing tribe, of which has grown immensely on this journey. Thank you to all of the many, many babysitters and friends for your help with my little minions (#writingwithminions !) while I met deadlines and made this dream a reality. Thank you to Reese’s – your Fastbreak candy bars sustained me through many late nights and stressful weeks (haha). Thank you to my friends and my #WritingCommunity, for your patience with my mom brain AND my writer’s brain these past couple of years. Your undying excitement for this crazy book journey of mine has provided kindling in my darkest hours. And thank you to Winter Goose Publishing, for giving me the chance to share my book with the world!

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